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Step 1: Purchase a Loan Audit

Borrowers can Purchase audit(s) for
1 property with 1, 2, or 3 mortgage loans.
Then fax the loan documents to us,
so we can process your loan audit.

Cost is $595 for a First Mortgage Audit of the Origination Loan Documents.

Optional $200 Quicker Review of Documents

If you don't want a full review, we can do a quicker review and just give our opinion of the most glaring errors.
We will review the Origination Loan Documents and Recorded Documents that you provide.

For a Full Audit, we offer a 2-step Audit of the Origination Loan Docs:
First we do an automated Compliance Ease audit, which recalculates everything to verify their numbers, and looks for basic violations.
Next, we do a manual audit of the Origination Loan Docs to check for items the Compliance Ease audit doesn't look for.

If you provide the Recorded Documents, we will also analyze them for Errors and Violations at no extra charge.

With a Full Audit, we will also do a cursory check for the Securitization Trust that you may be in (not a full Securitizatin audit).

Most Properties are under-water, so Second Mortgages usually have no equity to cover them, but for $200 more we will also audit the 2nd.

Attorneys: call us - we can audit for you for less.
Hefty Referrals for Brokers and Loan Mitigators.

If you wish to purchase an audit by mail,
please mail payment to James Krage at 5708 Candor St, Lakewood, CA 90713
Make a note on the Check that it is for an Mortgage Audit

Step 2: Fax the Following Docs
to (206)333-1790

with our Audit Submission Cover Sheet (fill-in PDF) and Doc Checklist
Initial Documents ( = always required):
1. Initial 1003 Application (or Initial App Date)
2. Good Faith Estimate
(if HOEPA, prelim HOEPA docs 3 days before signing)

Closing Documents
3. Final Truth-in-Lending:
       a) TIL Disclosure of Rate, Amount Financed & Finance Charges
       b) Notice of Right to Cancel
4. Itemization of Amount Financed
5. Note
    6. Addendum(s) to Note (if applicable)
7. Mortgage/Deed of Trust
    8. Riders to Mortgage/Deed of Trust
    9. PMI (private mortgage Insurance),
        or MIP (mortgage insurance premium)
        Information or Certificate (if applicable)
10. Estimated HUD-1 or 1A
11. Final HUD-1 or 1A
Appraisal, Survey, 1008, FEMA Flood Insurance,
Escrow Instructions, other Itemizations,
Sales Contract and other Loan Docs.
To speed up the process, download our Audit Submission Cover Sheet (fill-in PDF) and fax it to (206)333-1790 with the Loan Docs. You can also email the data from the form to us by clicking on "Submit by Email". It gives us the following info along with the loan douments:
1) What kind of loan was it?
    Full Doc, No Asset Verification, No Asset or Income Verification,
    No Documentation, No Income Verification, or Reduced?
2) Borrower Debt to Income Ratio (DTI)
3) Is the Garage Attached or Detached from the House?
4) Did the Borrower pay points to reduce the interest rate or other terms?
5) (If HOEPA) What dates were the HOEPA docs received? (3 days before main docs?)
6) Date the Good Faith Estimate was delivered and signed?
7) Application Date, Closing/Settlement Date, Fund Disbursement Date, Rate Lock Date
8) How many copies of the Notice of Right to Cancel were received, and when?
9) When was the TIL Disclosure (APR, Finance Charge, Amount Financed) delivered and signed?
10) What licenses do the Lender have (State and Type)?
Call Jim at (562) 867-3230 or (at ) ,
for a FREE Evaluation for your Situation.

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